Fire Resistance and Concrete

Concrete is non-combustible[1] - it doesn't burn, release toxic fumes or produce smoke.[2]
Concrete’s resistance to fire[3] improves the safety of occupants, fire fighters and neighbours. After a fire, in most cases buildings can quickly return to use boosting community resilience.

Concrete is also the clear choice for use in bushfire prone areas, offering a barrier to the intense heat and flame[4] and by helping to stop the spread of flames.[3]


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Want to see another example of concrete's fire resistance?

Watch this video from KPIX CBS from a project done in Santa Rosa, USA.



Pretty Beach House Makes a Statement on Sustainable Building

Posted on 9/06/2022
A simple palette of concrete, brick and steel has helped deliver a unique holiday home on an 'unbuildable' site at Pretty Beach, on the NSW Central Coast.